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Gentoo Linux Enhancement Proposals


1. Project Description

The GLEP project solicits, collects, maintains, and shepherds proposals for substantially enhancing Gentoo Linux. Any user or developer may construct and submit a GLEP for consideration by the GLEP editors. Because GLEPs are kept in CVS, GLEPs constitute a permanent record of proposals designed to enhance Gentoo Linux.

For more information, see GLEP 1 and GLEP 2.

2. Developers

Developer Nickname Role
Grant Goodyear g2boojum Lead ( GLEP Editor )
Alec Warner antarus Dev ( GLEP Editor Trainee )

All developers can be reached by e-mail using [email protected].

3. Resources

Resources offered by the glep project are:

4. List of Gentoo Linux Enhancement Proposals

Implemented Gleps (Final)

Number Type Status Title
1 I F GLEP Purpose and Guidelines
2 I F Sample ReStructuredText GLEP Template
4 S F Gentoo top-level management structure proposal
6 S F Gentoo Linux Monthly Bug Day
7 S F New Ombudsman Position
8 S F Adopt-a-Developer
11 S F Web Application Installation
13 S F Providing the users with a Gentoo Handbook
22 S F New "keyword" system to incorporate various userlands/kernels/archs
28 I F "Expiration" of inactive GLEPs
30 S F "Planet Gentoo" web log aggregator
31 S F Character sets for portage tree items
34 S F Per-Category metadata.xml files
36 S F Subversion/CVS for Gentoo-hosted projects
38 S F Status of forum moderators in the Gentoo project
39 I F An "old-school" metastructure proposal with "boot for being a slacker"
40 S F Standardizing "arch" keywording across all archs
42 S F Critical news reporting
43 I F GLEP file hosting
48 S F QA team's role and purpose
53 S F Keywording scheme

Accepted but not implemented gleps (Accepted)

Number Type Status Title
14 S A Security updates based on GLSA
15 S A Gentoo Script Repository
20 S A /srv - Services Home Directory Support
23 S A Handling of ACCEPT_LICENSE
27 S A Portage management of UIDs/GIDs
41 S A Making arch testers official Gentoo staff
44 S A Manifest2 format

Draft Gleps (Drafts)

Number Type Status Title
37 S D Virtuals Deprecation
45 S D GLEP date format

Deferred, Rejected, Withdrawn, or Moribund Gleps

Number Type Status Title
3 S d Ebuild Maintainer Extension GLEP
5 S d Metadata.xml extension
9 S d Gentoo Package Update System
10 S d Internationalization of
12 S R finger daemon
16 S d Gentoo Menu System
17 S d Resolution for Aging Ebuilds
18 S d Gentoo Bimonthly Publication
19 S W Gentoo Stable Portage Tree
21 S d User-defined package sets
24 S d Consistent Gentoo tool naming scheme
25 S d Distfile Patching Support
26 S d Handling kernels with portage
29 S W Use flag groups
32 S d Maildir location
33 S M Eclass Restructure/Redesign
35 S d Automated consistency check for ebuilds
46 S d Allow upstream tags in metadata.xml
47 S d Creating 'safe' environment variables
49 S R Alternative Package Manager requirements
50 S R Supporting alternative package managers
51 S W Gentoo Knowledge Base
52 S W RESTRICT=unattended


GLEP types: I = Informational, S = Standard
GLEP Statuses: D = Draft, d = Deferred, A = Accepted, F = Final, R = Rejected, W = Withdrawn, M = Moribund

If you want to roll your own proposal, you'll want to look at the files here.


Updated April 1, 2007

Summary: The GLEP project manages Gentoo Linux Enhancement Proposals.

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