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1. Project Description

What we do, and who we are

The Gentoo Documentation Project (GDP) is responsible for the creation and maintenance of all official Gentoo documentation. The GDP is not a closed team of any sorts, but instead an open community committed to critiquing, and possibly integrating, viable user documentation.

Mission Statement

The Gentoo Documentation Project was formed to address the need of complete documentation for Gentoo. In doing so, the GDP team is committed to the creation and maintenance of clear, concise, and original documentation. We will protect our users and developers by the use of free and open licensing on all documentation. The GDP is committed to remaining a free and open project, and will abide by the Social Contract set forth by the Gentoo Project.

2. Developers

Developer Nickname Role
Xavier Neys neysx Lead ( Project Manager )
Camille Huot cam Member ( Editor )
Flammie Pirinen flammie Member ( Editor )
Shyam Mani fox2mike Member ( Editor )
Jan Hendrik Grahl grahl Member ( Editor )
Jan Kundrát jkt Member ( Editor )
Joshua Saddler nightmorph Member ( Editor )
Łukasz Damentko rane Member ( Editor )
Sven Vermeulen swift Member ( Editor )
Marcelo Góes vanquirius Member ( Editor )
Jose Luis Rivero yoswink Member ( Editor )
Joseph Jezak josejx Project Doc Editor ( PPC )
Mike Frysinger vapier Project Doc Editor ( Portage )

All developers can be reached by e-mail using [email protected].

3. Subprojects

The documentation project has the following subprojects:

Project Lead Description
Internationalisation Xavier Neys The Internationalisation Subproject oversees and coordinates the translation efforts of the Gentoo Documentation Project.

4. Resources

Resources offered by the documentation project are:

5. Status Updates

What are Status Updates?

A status update is a small text covering what the GDP has done since the previous status update. It is written by the operational manager and contains a quick overview on how the GDP progresses. If you want to know what lives in the GDP, and what is in the process of developing, this is what you should read.

Status updates don't usually talk about fixed bugs and updated documentation, although that is the main task of the GDP.


The following status updates are available:

6. Participating

[email protected]

The Gentoo Documentation Project makes intensive use of the [email protected] mailing list. On this mailing list discussions about documentation, subprojects, translations and more pass by.

To subscribe to this mailing list, send an empty e-mail to [email protected]. Once subscribed you can post to it by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. To unsubscribe from the list, send an empty e-mail to gentoo[email protected]. There is also an online archive on


To participate in the Gentoo Documentation Project first join the mailing list at [email protected]. Then ask if there are plans to support something that you are interested in, propose a new subproject that you are interested in, or choose one of the planned subprojects to work on. You may talk to the developers and users in the IRC channel #gentoo-doc on for more information or just to chat about the project or any subprojects. If you don't have the ability to actively help by contributing work we will always need editors to maintain the quality and accuracy of the overall product. All development, editing, and productive comments and feedback will be greatly appreciated.


Updated July 27, 2007

Summary: The Gentoo Documentation Project is devoted to the creation and maintenance of complete and concise documentation for the Gentoo Project.

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