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1. Gentoo Weekly Newsletter Overview

The Gentoo Weekly Newsletter is intended to give users of Gentoo one source of information about Gentoo. The GWN summarizes the key events in the Gentoo project each week and presents them in a clear, concise format. With sections covering general news, security, bugs, portage and other topics, the GWN should offer something for everyone. The current version of the GWN can always be found here.

Currently, the GWN is distributed via web and mailing list formats, with additional formats being considered based on your feedback. To subscribe to the GWN mailing list, send a blank email to [email protected]. You can also monitor our feed. The GWN will also be available in other languages, as volunteers step forth to translate.

Note: GWN mailing list subscribers: Please note that the GWN is not currently being mailed. We hope to return this service to our subscribers pending the ability to automate the process.

Finally, we'd like to thank the many volunteers who make the GWN possible on a weekly basis. From the contributors to the translators to the people behind the scenes, all these people help bring you the GWN. If you're interested in joining the GWN team, please send an email to [email protected].

2. Gentoo Weekly Newsletter Archives

Date Summary
24 September 2007 Council election results, Sparc team seeking AT's, KDE Tips and Tricks
17 September 2007 GWN seeking writers, forums upgrade, GUIs project, Developer of the Week (cla)
10 September 2007 Council voting reminder, screenshot contest winners, Synergy tips and tricks.
03 September 2007 Emacs project, MIPS keywording, Gentoo Russian Summer Camp review, upcoming OpenExpo in Zurich
27 August 2007 Forums downtime announcement, improvements in ATI TV-out, Bash tips and tricks.
20 August 2007 Council Nominees interviews
13 August 2007 LWE San Francisco, Simplified Chinese Gentoo Handbook, and Gentoo Screenshot Contest.
06 August 2007 Baselayout-2 Plans for Stabilization and Developer of the Week (phreak)
30 July 2007 NVIDIA Drivers update, Portato review, Planet Summer of Code 2007, and GUADEC 2007.
23 July 2007 Gentoo realtime guide, compilation optimization guide, artwork project seeking help, Alpha project status update
16 July 2007 GWN returns, Council/Trustee nominations, PAM and cracklib changes, kernel security team seeking help, GNOME 2.18 going stable
9 July 2007 Statistics release for the GWN
2 July 2007 Statistics release for the GWN
25 June 2007 Statistics release for the GWN
18 June 2007 Statistics release for the GWN
11 June 2007 Statistics release for the GWN
4 June 2007 Statistics release for the GWN
28 May 2007 Statistics release for the GWN
21 May 2007 Statistics release for the GWN
14 May 2007 Statistics release for the GWN
7 May 2007 Gentoo Linux 2007.0 released, information about recent coreutils changes
30 April 2007 Ant 1.7.0 going stable, Apache 1.x being removed, Italian translation team seeking help
23 April 2007 Thanks from the GWN staff, Developer of the Week (jokey)
16 April 2007 GWN seeking writers, April Gentoo Council meeting, Gentoo on AppleTV
9 April 2007 Developer of the Week (cam), Tips and Tricks
2 April 2007 virtual/x11 removal, Gentoo in the press
26 March 2007 Developer of the Week (dsd), Gentoo Village at CCC
19 March 2007 Dell Linux survey, Gentoo/Java changes, Firefox 1.5 upcoming removal, Developer of the week (welp)
12 March 2007 Gentoo/FreeBSD 6.2 stages, Updated Playstation 3 stages, Gentoo Documentation Project seeking help
5 March 2007 Opengear donates two CM4008, Xfce becomes an official project, Developer of the Week (nightmorph), FOSDEM, Chemnitzer Linux-Tage, Linuxforum 07
26 February 2007 GWN is seeking help, Heard in the community, Gentoo in the press
19 February 2007 Upcoming ALSA changes, Gentoo in the press
12 February 2007 Time zone updates, testing for new freetype, problems with NSS/NSPR, thanks from the KDE team, Adopt-a-Dev update
5 February 2007 KDE team seeking help, removal of mail-mta/qmail, interview with zzam
29 January 2007 Xfce 4.4 released, Second anniversary of Gentoo Forum Netherlands
22 January 2007 Flash Player 9 released, Adopt-a-dev update, end of KBase
15 January 2007 Maintainer needed for gentoo-sources-2.4, Simplified Chinese translation team seeking help, Gentoo classes at MIT
8 January 2007 New Bugzilla servers, Gentoo on the HP iPAQ hx4700, SCALE to host Women in Open Source mini conference, interview with Derek Wise of GNi
1 January 2007 Happy New Year, the first 2007 Bugday, Russian Gentoo meeting
25 December 2006 A special holiday (short) edition
18 December 2006 EFIKA overlay opens, Quickstart 0.3
11 December 2006 EFIKA board shipping, dbus news, CFLAGS for Core/Core 2
4 December 2006 Gentoo Linux on Playstation 3, SCALE 5X open registration, new user representative elected
27 November 2006 New x86/i586 stages, experimental Alpha/PPC LiveCD images, GNOME 2.16 going stable, new virtual/mysql
20 November 2006 New Bugzilla bug tracker, gentoo-user summaries, gentoo-cluster information about a 5,832 CPU cluster
13 November 2006 Anonymous CVS and SVN services, Gentoo-based Ruby on Rails service, summaries from gentoo-user
6 November 2006 Heard in the community, Linux Day in Italy, tips on searching overlays and running 32-bit mplayer with 64-bit kmplayer
30 October 2006 XMMS removal, #gentoo-uk information, CJK/Scheme/Turkish GWN translation teams looking for help
23 October 2006 Gentoo Linux on Sun T1000/T2000, forums and mailing list summaries
16 October 2006 New Java system stable, KDE 3.5.5, mailing list summaries
9 October 2006 X.Org 7.1 stable on amd64/x86, safe CFLAGS settings, interview with dostrow
2 October 2006 2006.1 available on the Gentoo Store, template/clipart competition, pictures
25 September 2006 Media refresh for 2006.1, NASA uses Gentoo on robots, Using GNU screen
18 September 2006 Some openssl options, portage 2.1.1 released, cleanup of autotools wrappers
11 September 2006 Gentoo Council election results, Donation from Cloanto, Support dropped for monolithic X
9 September 2006 Multiple package removals, UK Linux Awards, Free Linux Disk project fundraiser, and GWN seeking writers
28 August 2006 Gentoo 2006.1 released, GCC 4.1.1/glibc 2.4 stable, and Gentoo Summer Camp
21 August 2006 Linux World Aftermath, Slovak and Greek Translations, and GCC/glibc news
14 August 2006 Linux World Conference and Expo, OSL Rackathon, PyBugz
7 August 2006 Adopt a developer, PowerPC CELL support, PDA/KDE/Ruby recruiting
31 July 2006 Catalyst 2.0 released, Bugday's 3rd anniversary, Gentoo/Java staffing needs
24 July 2006 Sun donates hardware, Ethereal gets a new name, User Representative votes
17 July 2006 VDR project seeking help, developer of the week, conference information
10 July 2006 GNOME 2.14 stable, new VDR project, developer of the week
03 July 2006 Modular X.Org stable, new KBase project, Java Upgrades, Spanish Translators
26 June 2006 Release Testers, x86 Arch Testers, ALSA Information, Java Upgrades
19 June 2006 User Representative Nominations, Project Sunrise, Java 1.5
12 June 2006 Portage 2.1 release, Gentoo/Alpha status report, Tetex changes, Gentoo Women
29 May 2006 Erratum to last week's GCC 4.1 article, GnuPG 1.9 stabilized, rsync server howto rewrite
22 May 2006 GCC 4.1 to be added this week, Summer of Code update, old-style PHP packages removed from the tree, reports from Milan and Graz events, managing overlays with layman
15 May 2006 Portage module removal, GWN translations, Gentoo events in Italy, Austria and Norway
8 May 2006 New and improved Ada support in Portage, Gnome 2.14 unmasked
1 May 2006 Gentoo becomes a mentor in Google Summer of Code, new Howto on backtraces, ebuild improvements and user feedback
24 April 2006 OpenLDAP 2.3 on its way into Portage, call for comments on new subforums
17 April 2006 LWE Boston report, Python 2.4.3 in Portage, old-style PHP packages going away, Forums internationalization effort
3 April 2006 Gentoo/MIPS stage 3 for Cobalt servers, Gentoo at LWE Boston
27 March 2006 Security team recruiting new members, Bugzilla category change, Ruby on Rails in Portage
20 March 2006 x86 arch testers team looking for members, Athlon X2 dual-core host accessible for Gentoo developers, modular X to be unmasked this week, report from open-source conference in Tokyo
13 March 2006 Gentoo Linux 2006.0 release media available at the Gentoo store, Gentoo community directory project launched, Gentoo events in Calicut and Leipzig, report from Chemnitzer Linuxtage
6 March 2006 Gentoo Linux 2006.0 download statistics, Portage fix, PPC team meeting, Gentoo event calendar for London, San Jose and Bonn
27 February 2006 Gentoo Linux 2006.0 released today, FOSDEM report, 3rd European Gentoo Developer Meeting, request for help on Bugday, Gentoo on display in Chemnitz again
20 February 2006 FOSDEM to open on Saturday, Qmail request for comments, yet another Gentoo-based distribution, Gentoo on Intel Macs
13 February 2006 eselect 1.0 released, Polish Gentoo clone
6 February 2006 Gnome 2.12 stable, Wi-Spy wireless data analyzer donation, KPDF and Poppler library, EUSecWest conference, OSC 2006 (spring edition) in Tokyo
30 January 2006 Modular X entering ~arch, new-style php packages, SLOTted MySQL, "Prefixed Portage"
16 January 2006 New baselayout with improve runscripts, Portage changes USE flags default behavior, PPC development roadmap, AMD64 project update
9 January 2006 FOSDEM coming up, Lithuanian translators needed, portrait of Andrea Barisani
19 December 2005 Gentoo documentation project status update, Gentoo Summer Camp 2006 organizer forum, Gentoo home media center, on Gentoo server
12 December 2005 Qt4 is on its way into Portage, Alpha project status update, GWN guide released, Gentoo Forums statistics visualized
5 December 2005 gcc 3.4.4 marked stable on x86, offers developer memberships for free, 100,000 registered Gentoo Forums users, call for contributors, FOSS.IN Bangalore, Linuxtage Essen
28 November 2005 Call for comments on deprecating xsupplicant, FOSS.IN in Bangalore, Bonenkai in Yokohama
21 November 2005 Report from the 2nd European Gentoo developer conference at Schloss Kransberg, phpgroupware removed from the tree, 2005.1-r1 release for select architectures, GWN via RSS feed
14 November 2005 Stage3 is now the default installation method, interview with Douglas Robertson about his video jukeboxes on Gentoo, Gentoo at the LWE and DevCon in the Frankfurt/Main area
7 November 2005 GLEP 42 (Critical news reporting), interview with Jacob Lindberg at Brenntag Nordic, GeCHI conference in Italy
31 October 2005 New Korean GWN translation, subforum introduction, Portage progressing
24 October 2005 Gentoo Linux/MIPS SGI LiveCD and Cobalt stages released
17 October 2005 Flagedit, subforums introduced, MySQL 4.1 being stabilized
10 October 2005 Gnome 2.12, LWE London report, Oberhausen GUM
3 October 2005 Python 2.4 update, Gentoo/ALT project news, translator recruiting
26 September 2005 New IRC channel for ebuild authors, reminder for European Gentoo developer conference call for papers
19 September 2005 Gentoo council meeting, European Gentoo developer conference announcement
12 September 2005 Apache package updates
5 September 2005 Gentoo Council elections, PHP4/5 announcement, new TOR policy in the Forums
29 August 2005 Gentoo documentation updates, Swedish rescue CD for PegasosPPC released
22 August 2005 Report about LWE San Francisco, User projects (car console and MythTV)
15 August 2005 2005.1 released, first US Gentoo developer conference webcast from San Francisco
8 August 2005 First Gentoo Installer, Tor users are blocked on Forums
1 August 2005 Gentoo Developer conference in San Francisco, German translators seeking, Bugday 2nd anniversary, User Interview
25 July 2005 Bug 100,000, keeping gentoo-sources-2.4
18 July 2005 Discontinuing gentoo-2.4-sources, hardware donations, first IA64 LiveCD, bugzilla upgrade
11 July 2005 Gentoo documentation status update, 2.5 million forum posts, Greek translators seek reinforcement
27 June 2005 Gentoo developer receives award, LinuxTag report, AMD64 development hardware ready for use
20 June 2005 Gentoo store under new management, LinuxTag in Karlsruhe, Gentoo Forums admin and mods become regular staff members, hardware donations to the Forums
13 June 2005 New Open Desktop Workstations with Gentoo preinstalled, Gentoo/MIPS experimental LiveCD, gendocedit released
6 June 2005 Python 2.4 unmasked, busybox glitches contained
30 May 2005 AMD64 hardware donations, documentation updates
23 May 2005 'Emergency issue', Trustees election and OSDL article
9 May 2005 Printing herd recruits new members, staff and software changes at
2 May 2005 Unofficial Gentoo development guide, OpenLDAP update
25 April 2005 Project Dolphin, new mailing lists
18 April 2005 Documentation updates, release engineering meeting minutes, new LiveDVD for PPC
11 April 2005 Cosmetic touches to the website, forum staff reshuffle
4 April 2005 April fool's jokes, webrsync revisited, donation report
28 March 2005 Gentoo 2005.0 released, PayPal donations, SSL support for Bugzilla, Open Source Conference in Tokyo
21 March 2005 Documentation additions and updates, Open Source Conference in Tokyo
14 March 2005 Gentoo UK conference report, Planet Gentoo launched, ODW sales begin, Lörrach IT/Linux Days
7 March 2005 2005.0 security rebuild, infrastructure changes, sys-apps moves
28 February 2005 First European Gentoo developer meeting, FOSDEM report, news from the Apache herd, Gentoo/FreeBSD documentation
21 February 2005 LWE Boston report, FOSDEM, Gentoo UK conference, RSS-feeds, Gentoo on a Kuro-Box
14 February 2005 Gentoo Forums migrated to new hard- and software, event reminders, interview with Thierry Carrez, Open-Xchange in Gentoo Linux
7 February 2005 Linux World Expo in Boston, two million posts at, new mailing list and IRC channel for media packages
31 January 2005 Trusted Gentoo, AMD64 looking for help, Gentoo/PPC GameCD
24 January 2005 Gentoo/OpenSolaris, kernel profiles for 2005.0, Genesi Open Desktop Workstations, Mac Mini booting Gentoo Linux/PPC, FOSDEM pre-announcement
17 January 2005 Gentoo trademark and logo guidelines, new GWN translations, goals for 2005, LWE Boston
10 January 2005 Forum attacker fought off, 2.6.10 kernel stable, Gentoo lectures at MIT, Canadian elementary school Gentoo LTSP project
3 January 2005 Gentoo Forums 1000 days anniversary, website redesign and documentation updates, call for Polish contributors, GentooJP Bounenkai report
29 December 2004 Second anniversary of the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter, new buildtime and stats database client, 2004 bugzilla statistics
20 December 2004 Call for speakers at Gentoo UK event, new Catalyst mailing list, GWN translators needed
13 December 2004 New Chinese Gentoo Forum, Bonenkai in Tokyo, USE flag editors
6 December 2004 Gentoo Developer Meetings in Berlin (December) and Manchester (February), 2004.3 maintenance release, Gentoo on a stick
29 November 2004 Genesi announces PegasosPPCs with preinstalled Gentoo, central script repository, new Turkish GWN mailing list operational
22 November 2004 Gentoo Linux 2004.3 on DVD, advanced Portage development, documentation updates
15 November 2004 Gentoo Linux 2004.3 released, kernel tree revisited, new section: Future zone
8 November 2004 User Survey results, Italian Gentoo Day
1 November 2004 LWE in Germany, call for Java developers, Gentoo Bugday
25 October 2004 Portage 2.0.51 released, website redesign contest result, Haskell developers needed, documentation update, LWE in Germany, UK GUM in Cambridge
18 October 2004 2004.3 Release Beta versions available soon, new lead translator for Japanese GWN, Munich Gentoo User Group event
11 October 2004 Portage hits 100,000 files, PegasosPPC donations to Gentoo developers, Penguin webcam in the Antarctis
4 October 2004 Final stage of the website redesign contest, report from the International Gentoo PPC Dev Meeting, driver changes in Portage'
27 September 2004 Gentoo documentation updates, new section 'Gentoo in the press'
20 September 2004 First Official Gentoo User Survey, Forum Software Embellishments, Gentoo PPC Developer Meeting
13 September 2004 Leave of Yuji Carlos Kosugi as GWN main editor, new minimal LiveCD
06 September 2004 New bugday website, several project updates and an interview with Deedra Waters
30 August 2004 Forums migration to new hardware complete.
23 August 2004 Gentoo meeting in the UK. 2004.2 statistics. Update on the forums.
16 August 2004 Infrastructure hardware donations. Project updates.
9 August 2004 Gentoo Linux at Linux World Expo San Francisco. Update on the website redesign.
2 August 2004 Gentoo Linux 2004.2 released. First Anniversary of BugDay. German GWN translation team seeking additional translators.
26 July 2004 net-www being retired. Volunteers required: UK Meeting Organising Committee.
19 July 2004 Gentoo MacOS X Released.
12 July 2004 Portage update.
5 July 2004 Gentoo announces web redesign contest. Bootsplash now working on PPC.
28 June 2004 First Installation of Gentoo Linux on a Quadruple Opteron. Gentoo Present at the LinuxTag in Karlsruhe.
21 June 2004 Announcing Wasabi 0.2. Gentoo Linux seeking new kernel developers.
14 June 2004 Gentoo Not-For-Profit Paperwork complete. Ways to get involved: Introducing [email protected].
7 June 2004 Introducing app-admin/wasabi, a log-monitoring tool. Some GLEP news.
31 May 2004 Beta LiveCDs and stages for PPC64. Changes to net-mail/mailwrapper various related mail transfer agents. Gentoo/BSD seeking interested developers.
24 May 2004 Various Gentoo Documentation Project updates. New Roles in Gentoo/PPC.
17 May 2004 Gentoo Managers' Meeting Summary.
10 May 2004 Gentoo Documenation Project Status Report. GLEP 26: kernel handling with Portage.
3 May 2004 Gentoo Linux Chief Architect Daniel Robbins retires. 10th BugDay a big success.
26 April 2004 New apache maintainer and public mailing list. Gentoo Linux seeking a new squid maintainer.
19 April 2004 Transition to NFP organization.
12 April 2004 Gentoo Weekly Newsletter reorganizing. Gentoo Linux Project seeking SAMBA developers.
5 April 2004 Gentoo Linux Project seeking additional kernel developers. Gentoo Linux Newsletter seeking additional contributors.
29 March 2004 Support for multiple MTAs with mailwrapper. Apache2 upgrade. Gentoo Linux seeking a dedicated Apache developer.
22 March 2004 Security-only updates and stackable profiles.
15 March 2004 2004.1 Release Information.
08 March 2004 LinuxTag Cheminitz.
01 March 2004 2004.0 Released.
23 February 2004 FOSDEM Brussels 21 & 22 February 2004. Gentoo Linux still looking for an additional dialup developer.
16 February 2004 Gentoo growing in popularity.
09 February 2004 Gentoo Linux Project seeking an additional dialup developer. New gentoo-science maliing list.
02 February 2004 Gentoo Managers' Meeting Summary - 12 Jan 2004 and 26 Jan 2004. Gentoo Linux BugDay on Saturday, February 7.
26 January 2004 SELinux i686 LiveCD now available.
19 January 2004 Gentoo Linux a finalist for LWE's "Best Open Source Project" award. Gentoo Linux Desktop Project Co-leads chosen.
12 January 2004 2003 Gentoo Bug Hunt Winners.
05 January 2004 Gentoo Managers' Meeting Summary - 15 December 2003.
29 December 2003 First Anniversary of the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter. GWN Staff Profiles.
22 December 2003 First Anniversary of Gentoo Weekly Newsletter next week.
15 December 2003 Gentoo Managers' Meeting Summary: 1 Dec. 2003.
08 December 2003 Gentoo: 2004 and beyond. Gentoo server compromised. 'emerge rsync' etiquette. More Praise: Linux Journal.
01 December 2003 Gentoo Documentation Project looking for more translators. Praise for Gentoo Linux in Linux Weekly News.
24 November 2003 Gentoo Managers' Meeting Summary - 17 November 2003. Gentoo Desktop update.
17 November 2003 now live. Porting "sandbox" to BSD libc.
10 November 2003 Gentoo Managers' Meeting Summary - 3 November 2003.
03 November 2003 Embedded Gentoo seeking interested developers.
27 October 2003 Improved support for virtual hosting and web-based applications. 2.6 kernel LiveCDs available for x86 and amd64. Open kernel developer positions in the Gentoo Linux Project. GWN seeking additional contributor.
20 October 2003 An update on GLEPs.
13 October 2003 GNOME 2.4 marked stable on x86.
06 October 2003 Gentoo Linux Performance Metrics.
29 September 2003 BugDay on Saturday, October 4. Featured Sponsor - Oregon State University.
22 September 2003 Gentoo 1.4 maintenance release 1 for x86. Experimental IA-64 stage1 available
15 September 2003 Official Gentoo port to IA64 begun.
08 September 2003 Second Gentoo BugDay a success.
01 September 2003 Portage tarballs available for OpenBSD and FreeBSD. Second Gentoo BugDay to be held on September 6. Gentoo Documentation team looking for new French lead translator.
25 August 2003 New experimental LiveCDs and stages released for the AMD64 platform. Gentoo Forums reach several new milestones
18 August 2003 Gentoo migrates to a more robust DNS infrastructure. More photos from LWE.
11 August 2003 Gentoo Linux at Linux World Expo. Gentoo Documentation Project looking for new lead Dutch translator.
04 August 2003 Gentoo Linux at Linux World Expo on August 5-7. First Gentoo BugDay held on August 2. WineX ebuilds removed from Portage.
28 July 2003 Radical changes to Perl module handling. First Gentoo Bug Day on August 2. Gentoo Linux 1.4 for PowerPC now available for pre-order. Indonesian documentation team in need of translators.
21 July 2003 Gentoo Linux 1.4 to be released at LinuxWorld Expo. Gentoo Linux 1.4 available for pre-order. Open positions in the Gentoo Linux project. Introducing the Gentoo Server project. Bytemark Hosting begins offering Gentoo Linux
14 July 2003 Gentoo Linux at LinuxTag. ViewCVS back up.
07 July 2003 Kurt Lieber stepping down as editor of GWN. Gentoo coming to Windows with Cygwin. Milestone reached in herds project. Infrastructure changes. Controversy about inappropriate content in ebuilds. GWN seeking additional contributors.
30 June 2003 Gentoo Linux adopts a new management structure. Fork of Gentoo Linux announced. GWN seeking additional translators.
23 June 2003 Where is Gentoo Linux 1.4?. The Meta Package project. Two additional new source mirrors for North America. GWN looking for additional translators.
16 June 2003 Gentoo Linux Enhancement Proposals. gets a new home.
09 June 2003 Announcing Gentoo on MacOS X. Hardened Gentoo demonstrates SELinux. Open positions in the Gentoo Linux project
02 June 2003 North America gets two new source mirrors. CFLAGS/cpuinfo collection project. Upcoming infrastructure changes.
26 May 2003 Hardware failures on Oregon State mirror. Gentoo Linux is seeking developers for the GNOME team. Gentoo Linux in the news.
19 May 2003 Announcing Gentoo Games, Inc. Gentoo Linux attends E3.
12 May 2003 Gentoo Linux to make major announcement at E3. Gentoo Technologies to partner with Super Computer, Inc. to bring Gentoo Linux to the Opteron platform.
05 May 2003 Feature list for next release of Gentoo Linux 1.4. Rsync etiquette guidelines. New mailing lists available.
28 Apr 2003 Proposed changes to how ebuilds are managed. Mailing list changes. Early addition of tcl/tk
21 Apr 2003 Portage security features detailed. Open positions with the Gentoo Linux project. Gentoo Linux is seeking additional source mirrors and colocation space. Gentoo Linux now available on the HPPA platform
14 Apr 2003 Gentoo Linux 1.4_rc4 Released. New Unreal Tournament 2003 Game CD
07 Apr 2003 Yes, it was a joke. Portage moves to a new, more secure format.
01 Apr 2003 Portage 2.1 adopts RPM format, Gentoo/PPC team restructuring, Release schedule announced for 1.4_rc4
24 Mar 2003 How to become a Gentoo developer, changes in the way Gentoo Linux supports CFLAGS, errata from last week's issue
17 Mar 2003 Update from the Game Developers Conference, GWN looking for contributors, shows some strain, Gentoo Linux launches a "hardened Gentoo" effort, new items at the Gentoo Store
10 Mar 2003 distcc in a nutshell and a remarkable response to our call for developers
03 Mar 2003 Gentoo Linux at the Game Developers Conference, Open Developer Positions in the Gentoo Linux project, Gentoo Linux 1.4_rc3 released
24 Feb 2003 Gentoo partners with NeTraverse. Gentoo Linux 1.4 update. Pictures of FOSDEM
17 Feb 2003 Catch Gentoo Zetagrid fever. New rsync mirrors. Gnome 2.2 now in Portage
10 Feb 2003 Gentoo Linux at FOSDEM, New Release Manager for 1.4, Icons for Gentoo Linux
3 Feb 2003 KDE 3.1 Released, mirror slowness and Gentoo server migrations.
27 Jan 2003 Gentoo Linux at LinuxWorld Expo. GLSAs being integrated into Portage. Fighting spam with SpamAssassin.
20 Jan 2003 Next Release of Gentoo to rc3, Gentoo PPC Developer presents at MIT
13 Jan 2003 Changes to Gentoo and gcc, Freezes to the Portage Tree and Gentoo Linux 1.4 Nears Completion
06 Jan 2003 Portage, Perl and Prelinking updates, plus a chance to help Gentoo Linux
30 Dec 2002 Gentoo at LinuxWorld Expo, 1.4 updates, New Kernel Strategy
23 Dec 2002 Official Launch of GWN, Portage Snafu, CVSup vs. rsync, CVS Ebuild Policy

3. Translations of the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter

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4. Gentoo Weekly Newsletter Mini-FAQ

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