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IBM dW/Intel文章存档

Sponsors of Gentoo

Gentoo would like to thank the following companies and organizations who donate various services and equipment to further the development of Gentoo. Without these organizations, Gentoo would not be where it is today.

Oregon State University

OSU Open Source Lab

Located at Oregon State University in beautiful Corvallis, Oregon, the Open Source Lab is a focal point of development, hosting and other assorted services for the Open Source community.

OSU provides several services to the Gentoo project. In addition to serving as the primary source mirror for Gentoo, they also provide colocation space for several Gentoo servers.

Indiana University

Indiana University

Indiana University was founded in Bloomington, Indiana in 1820. The University has since then grown to eight campuses across Indiana, with a total enrollment reaching 100,000 graduate and undergraduate students. IU offers 116 academic programs that are ranked in the nation's top 20. There are over 460,000 IU alumni worldwide.

Indiana University provides colocation for Gentoo infrastructure servers, as well as a high volume source and portage mirror.



NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA) is a market leader in visual computing technology dedicated to creating products that enhance the digital media experience on consumer and professional computing platforms, from desktops and workstations to notebooks and handhelds. The company's graphics and communications processors have broad market reach and are incorporated into a wide variety of computing platforms, including consumer PCs, enterprise PCs, professional workstations, digital content creation systems, military navigation systems and video game consoles.

NVIDIA has provided the Gentoo project with numerous AMD development machines and video cards to further development of Gentoo on the Athlon XP and Athlon64 platforms.



UltraDNS provides advanced, highly intelligent, and globally scalable directory service solutions that significantly enhance the performance and reliability of networks and mission critical information-exchange applications.

UltraDNS provides DNS services to the Gentoo project, including advanced features like Directional DNS to provide load-balanced DNS services for our pool of rsync servers, and SiteBacker to provide server health monitoring and failover capabilities to our core infrastructure servers.

Global Netoptex, Inc.

Global Netoptex, Inc.

GNi is a leading provider of customer-centric managed services that extend their customer's infrastructure and dramatically reduce their customer's total cost of ownership. They provide the experts, resources and solutions to meet and exceed their customer's unique on-site and off-site requirements.

GNi provides a dedicated server that is used to provide BitTorrent seeds to our users.



Genesi is a leading provider of Freescale and IBM PowerPC based computing products. Genesi's PegasosPPC MicroATX computer is designed to bring PowerPC technology flexibility and efficiency to the desktop, low-end server and pervasive market segments at an affordable price. Beginning with the 2004.3 release, the Open Desktop Workstation will ship with Gentoo pre-installed.

Genesi has provided many PowerPC based Open Desktop Workstations to Gentoo. For information about Genesi's involvement in the Linux Open Source community, please see


DataRescue logo

DataRescue is the developer of the IDA Pro Disassembler & Debugger, an essential tool for vulnerability research and hostile binary analysis. DataRescue runs several of its public servers and its main internal server on Gentoo Linux.

DataRescue has donated software to the Gentoo Audit Team.

University of Virginia

University of Virginia Logo

University of Virginia hosts quite a few Alpha boxes used by the Gentoo/Alpha developers for building new Gentoo releases as well as daily work such as keyword testing and security bumps.


HP OpenSource Logo

HP is a technology solutions provider to consumers, businesses and institutions globally. HP has over 200 products that ship with open source software. From client to server to data center, HP is contributing to hundreds of open source projects every day. For more information about HP's open source involvement, check out

HP provides R&D resources and has loaned Alpha and IA64 hardware to the Gentoo project.

Department of Physics - University of Trieste

Department of Physics - University of Trieste

The Physics department at the University of Trieste has provided infrastructure services to the Gentoo project and hosts all of our mailing lists.

Inverse Path

Inverse Path Ltd.

Inverse Path Ltd. is an international consultancy providing design and implementation of secure network and infrastructures with particular expertise in open source software. Among its services it offers Gentoo commercial support for deployment in production environments as well as professional training.

Inverse Path provides a VOIP server for use by Gentoo developers.


Cloanto has donated the Amiga Forever CD to support development and maintenance of Amiga emulation software in Gentoo.

Source and rsync mirrors

Gentoo relies heavily upon a global network of rsync and source mirrors. Without these mirrors, access to new packages, updates to the Portage tree and new releases of Gentoo Linux would be impossible. Some mirrors are provided by individuals, others by companies. You can find a complete listing on our Gentoo mirrors page.

Other Sponsors

Several other companies and organizations provide services and assistance to the Gentoo project, but have expressed a desire to remain anonymous. We would like to thank those sponsors for their support of Gentoo.

Updated April 30, 2006

Summary: Sponsors of Gentoo

Donate to support our development efforts.

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