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Using UTF-8 with Gentoo ¹: This guide shows you how to set up and use the UTF-8 Unicode character set with your Gentoo Linux system, after explaining the benefits of Unicode and more specifically UTF-8.

Gentoo Security Handbook ¹: This handbook is a step-by-step guide for hardening Gentoo Linux.

Gentoo Linux Prelink Guide ¹: This guide tells you how to make use of prelink support in Portage 2.0.46 and later.

Gentoo IPv6 Router Guide ¹: This guide shows how to setup IPv6 on a Gentoo system. This includes establishing a tunnel with a tunnel broker, some basic DNS configuration and configuring clients to use the system to connect to IPv6 addresses.

Gentoo Linux Developer's guide to system testing with User-Mode Linux ¹: This guide shows Gentoo Linux developers how to set up and use user-mode linux for testing potentially system-breaking changes.

Gentoo Linux Localization Guide ¹: This guide should help users localize their Gentoo Linux distribution to any European locale. It uses Germany as a case-study, since it is translated from the German doc. Includes configuration for use of the euro currency symbol.

Gentoo Linux Cron Guide ¹: This guide describes how to setup and use cron.

Gentoo Linux Kernel Upgrade Guide ¹: This document describes the process of upgrading your kernel from one release to another.

Gentoo Sudo(ers)指南: 你想让一些人在你的系统中执行一些管理员权限操作,但又不想把全部的root权限授予他,此时使用sudo是最好的选择。使用sudo,你可以决定让哪个用户可以执行哪些操作。本篇指南将对这个奇妙的工具的用法给出简要介绍。

Gentoo Man Guide ¹: This guide shows how to navigate man pages using man.

Gentoo Info Guide ¹: This guide is meant to show how to navigate info pages using the info command.

Gentoo Linux Kernel Configuration Guide ¹: This document aims to introduce the concepts of manual kernel configuration, and to detail some of the most common configuration pitfalls.

zsh Configuration and Installation Guide ¹: This guide shows how to install and configure zsh quickly. After reading this document you will be able use many zsh features such as advanced tab-completion, command correction and prompt management.


MySQL Startup Guide ¹: This document helps a user set up and use MySQL.

PostgreSQL Guide ¹: This guide is meant to show the basic setup of PostgreSQL. The setup described here should be sufficient enough to use for basic web appplications, and any other program that provides PostgreSQL support.

Diskless Nodes with Gentoo ¹: This HOWTO will help you create setup diskless nodes with Gentoo Linux.

Gentoo - LTSP Guide ¹: This guide shows you how to setup a LTSP Server with Gentoo.

Gentoo Distcc Documentation ¹: This document serves as a HOWTO for using distcc with Gentoo.

DistCC Cross-compiling Guide ¹: This guide shows you how to set up distcc for cross-compiling across different processor architectures.

Device File System Guide ¹: In this document you'll find information on what devfs is really about and how to work with it.

Gentoo udev Guide ¹: This document explains what udev is and how you can use udev to fit your needs.

Gentoo Printing Guide ¹: This document covers the installation and maintenance of printers using CUPS and Samba. It covers local installation and networked installations and you'll also find instructions on using shared printers from other operating systems.

Gentoo Linux OpenAFS Guide ¹: This guide shows you how to install an OpenAFS server and client on Gentoo Linux.

Virtual Mailhosting System with Postfix Guide ¹: This document details how to create a virtual mailhosting system based upon postfix, mysql, courier-imap, and cyrus-sasl.

Gentoo mailfiltering gateway guide ¹: This guide is step-by-step guide for installing spam fighting technologies for Postfix. Among them Amavisd-new using Spamassassin and ClamAV, greylisting and SPF.

netqmail/vpopmail Virtual Mail Hosting System Guide ¹: This document details how to create a mail hosting system based upon netqmail, vpopmail, courier-imap, mysql, and horde's imp.

Gentoo Linux based Netboot HOWTO ¹: Guide for setting up a netboot server for use with the Gentoo/SPARC netboot installation images.

OpenBoot PROM (OBP) Reference ¹: The OpenBoot PROM (OBP) Reference provides a list of useful OBP commands that can help when booting, configuring and performing diagnostics upon Sun SPARC hardware and clones.

Gentoo Samba3/CUPS/ClamAV HOWTO ¹: Setup, install and configure a Samba Server under Gentoo that shares files, printers without the need to install drivers and provides automatic virus scanning.

Home Router Guide ¹: This document details how to turn an old Gentoo machine into a router for connecting your home network to the internet.

Compilation Optimization Guide ¹: This guide provides an introduction to optimizing compiled code using safe, sane CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS. It also as describes the theory behind optimizing in general.

Gentoo Linux-VServer Howto ¹: In this Howto you will learn to setup a basic virtual server using the Linux-VServer Technology

Gentoo Java Guide ¹: This guide will introduce you to Java and explain how to use Java with Gentoo Linux.

Gentoo Guide to OpenLDAP Authentication ¹: This guide introduces the basics of LDAP and shows you how to setup OpenLDAP for authentication purposes between a group of Gentoo boxes.

Gentoo Linux Keychain指南: 本文档描述了如何通过keychain程序来使用ssh秘钥。我们假设读者有公钥加密的基础知识。

High Performance Computing on Gentoo Linux ¹: This document was written by people at the Adelie Linux R&D Center <> as a step-by-step guide to turn a Gentoo System into a High Performance Computing (HPC) system.

Troubleshooting Apache ¹: This document covers a number of ways to figure out how to fix your Apache installation when things are not working correctly.

Upgrading Apache ¹: This document describes the procedure end-users should follow to safely upgrade their apache installation.

MySQL 4.*或5.0.*的升级指南: MySQL团队很荣幸地宣布MySQL 5.0很快就要出现在Gentoo稳定的软件包树里了。这个指南描述了如何升级到MySQL 4.*或5.0.*。

"Unslotting" a slotted MySQL Installation ¹: This document describes how to go back to an unslotted MySQL.

Gentoo GCC Upgrade Guide ¹: This document will guide the user through the process of upgrading GCC on their Gentoo machines.

Changing the CHOST variable ¹: This document explains how to change the CHOST variable of an existing system.

升级PHP: 这个文档描述了最终用户安全升级PHP时所需要做的步骤。

Jffnms Installation and Setup Guide ¹: This guide shows you how to proceed with the post installation setup of Jffnms, a network management and monitoring system, and how to monitor your systems with it.

Gentoo vpnc HOWTO ¹: This document details how to connect your workstation to a Cisco VPN concentrator utilizing vpnc to manage the connection.

Gentoo LDAP-DNS Guide ¹: With ldapdns, you can provide DNS services to your network easily. The DNS records used are stored inside an LDAP environment. This document guides you through the configuration of OpenLDAP and ldapdns for this purpose.

How to get meaningful backtraces in Gentoo ¹: This guide is meant to provide users with a simple explanation of why a default Gentoo installation does not provide meaningful backtraces and how to set it up to get them.

Configuring Gentoo with Xen ¹: This guide describes how to start using Xen on your Gentoo system

¹ 未翻译的文件

更新于 2007年 10月 23日

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