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Gentoo Developer Handbook ¹: This is the Gentoo Developer Handbook, a continuing effort to centralize development policies across Gentoo and to also outline Gentoo's development systems and procedures.


Gentoo Linux Documentation Policy ¹: This document contains the Gentoo Documentation Policy, which is the base document which all Gentoo Documentation developers and Contributors should know and exercise.

Developer Relations Policy Guide ¹:Developer Relations Policy Guide

Gentoo Linux Release Guidelines ¹: This guide covers both the QA and release guidelines for the Gentoo Linux biannual release system.

Gentoo Linux Vulnerability Treatment Policy ¹: This document describes the policy used in Gentoo Linux to treat vulnerabilities discovered in the packages made available to our users.


Contributing Ebuilds ¹: This guide explains how to submit ebuild packages through the Bugzilla tracking system.

Gentoo GuideXML Guide ¹: This guide shows you how to compose web documentation using the new lightweight Gentoo GuideXML syntax. This syntax is the official format for Gentoo documentation, and this document itself was created using GuideXML. This guide assumes a basic working knowledge of XML and HTML.

Documentation Development Tips & Tricks ¹: Some tips & tricks that make the life for a Gentoo Documentation Developer easier

Gentoo Linux CVS Tutorial ¹: This tutorial introduces readers to CVS, the Concurrent Versions System, used by developers around the world to develop software in a flexible and collaborative manner. Intended for those new to CVS, this tutorial will get both general users and new developers up to speed quickly. Whether you'd like to use CVS to "check out" the latest sources of a particular software package, or whether you'd like to begin using CVS as a full-fledged developer, this tutorial is for you.

Apache Developer Documentation ¹: This document provides details about the new eclasses available for developers of packages that relate to Apache.

Porting to Modular X HOWTO ¹: This guide shows you how to port packages to use the new modular X.Org.

How to fix autotools failures ¹: This guide aim to describe the common situations which makes autotools fail to run in an ebuild, giving advices on how to fix those.

Automagic dependencies, what they are and how to fix them ¹: This guide aim to describe the problem of "automagic dependencies", describing the reason why they are problematic and how to handle them in most common cases.

¹ 未翻译的文件

更新于 2007年 10月 23日

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