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Migrating to Modular X HOWTO ¹: This guide shows you how to migrate to modular X.Org.

Porting to Modular X HOWTO ¹: This guide shows you how to port packages to use the new modular X.Org.


X服务器配置指南: Xorg是一个允许用户通过简单的设置来使用图形界面环境的X Windows服务器。这篇指南解释了什么是Xorg,如何配置Xorg以及相关的其它各种配置选项。

Gentoo Linux nVidia Guide ¹: Many Gentooists have an nVidia chipset on their system. nVidia provides specific Linux drivers to boost the performance of your card. This guide informs you how to install and configure these drivers.

Gentoo Linux ATI FAQ ¹: This FAQ should help users avoid some common installation and configuration issues related to DRI and X11 for ATI boards.

KDE设置指南: KDE是应用最为广泛的桌面环境之一。本指南将全面向你介绍关于KDE的安装、设置和使用方面的技巧。

GNOME配置指南: GNOME是一个常用的桌面环境。本指南尝试描述所有关于GNOME的方方面面,包括安装、配置、使用……

The Fluxbox Configuration HOWTO ¹: This howto will show you how to set up the Fluxbox window manager for X11.

Xfce配置指南: 本指南对Xfce进行了广泛的介绍。Xfce是一个快捷的、轻量级的,功能齐全的桌面环境。

The KDE Split Ebuilds HOWTO ¹: With KDE 3.4, the 'split ebuilds' were introduced into Portage. This page documents the reasons behind the transition, the new features it brings and the way to upgrade from the old-style 'monolithic' ebuilds.

Gnome 2.18升级指南: 这是一个从GNOME 2.16.x升级到GNOME 2.18.x的指南。


Gentoo Linux Bluetooth Guide ¹: This guide will explain how to successfully install a host Bluetooth device, configure the kernel properly, explain all the possibilities that the Bluetooth interconnection offers and how to have some fun with Bluetooth.

Using UTF-8 with Gentoo ¹: This guide shows you how to set up and use the UTF-8 Unicode character set with your Gentoo Linux system, after explaining the benefits of Unicode and more specifically UTF-8.

Gentoo Linux ALSA指南: 本文档可以帮助用户在Gentoo Linux上设置ALSA

Gentoo Java Guide ¹: This guide will introduce you to Java and explain how to use Java with Gentoo Linux.

Gentoo Linux Localization Guide ¹: This guide should help users localize their Gentoo Linux distribution to any European locale. It uses Germany as a case-study, since it is translated from the German doc. Includes configuration for use of the euro currency symbol.

Hardware 3D Acceleration Guide ¹: This document is a guide to getting 3D acceleration working using the DRM with Xorg in Gentoo Linux.

Power Management Guide ¹: Power Management is the key to extend battery run time on mobile systems like laptops. This guide assists you setting it up on your laptop.

在命令行下用鼠标: 这个指南将给你展示如何在命令行界面下建立并使用GPM(the General Purpose Mouse server)。这个在你新安装Gentoo或者你的系统无法或不用X服务时是非常有用的。

Gentoo Linux Conky Howto ¹: This document describes how to install and configure the system monitor known as Conky.


Nano基础指南: 这是篇nano简明使用指南,能帮助你尽快了解nano的基本用法。

Learning vi -- the "cheatsheet" technique ¹: This guide will teach you how to use vi, using a cheat sheet method to accelerate the learning process. This will be the first guide for vi, catering to beginners.

GnuPG Gentoo User Guide ¹: This small guide will teach you the basics of using GnuPG, a tool for secure communication.

QuickStart Guide to Mutt E-Mail ¹: This guide shows you how to begin using the powerful command line tools for e-mail: fetchmail, procmail, mutt, nbsmtp, msmtp.

Streaming Radio With SHOUTcast ¹: This guide will walk through the steps needed to setup a streaming radio server with SHOUTcast Server and SHOUTcast Trans.

Gentoo Linux VDR指南: 本指南向您展示如何配置Gentoo Linux来支持DVB和VDR。

Gentoo Linux Keychain指南: 本文档描述了如何通过keychain程序来使用ssh秘钥。我们假设读者有公钥加密的基础知识。

¹ 未翻译的文件

更新于 2007年 10月 16日

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