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The screenshots on this page are contributed by various Gentoo users. Information about the used themes, background images, etc. is not available through Gentoo. You will need to contact the author of the screenshot (if you can find this person) for more information.

You can always try locating the authors on our #gentoo chat channel on or through the gentoo forums.

(Almost) default GNOME

Bartek's shot is one of Gentoo Screenshot Contest winners. Bartek got this decent look by illusion of 3d wallpaper connected with arrangement of pretty icons. This is good example of how a default theme can be used to create a beautiful screenshot.

Elegant black WM

The second winner of Gentoo Screenshot Contest is Mikołaj aka mklimek, who is a KDE user so far, and he doesn't look to change that. On his exclusive screenshot you can see some KDE's utilities and icons which looks kinda gnome-like.

Space trip

Robert's screenshot demonstrates an appealing use of blue hues. Excluding cairo-clock, his KDE runs (as we can notice) qt-based only applications, as Kopete, Konsole and amaroK. Robert also cares about his irssi theme, which is distinguished by green colors.

Even more gentooish

That is probably the most "Gentooish" screenshot here ever and personally for me it is the most beautyful. Alexander runs GNOME, which not only looks pretty but also befits a Gentoo workstation.

Emerge that!

As you will notice, Massimiliano is going to build media-video/dvdauthor on his KDE box.

Minimal beauty

The second pretty screenshot of Bartek's desktop. This time he runs fluxbox with his "dark theme" whatever that means. But the hidden beauty of the screenshot is sane connection of audacious theme, fluxbox's theme and wallpaper.

Default things can be pretty too

A fellow who goes by Purple (whether that is his nickname or real name we don't know) submited his nice-looking screenshot of KDE displaying yakuake during sync process, and conky. All composed with decent wallpaper makes it unusual.

Darkclown Coronado

Darkclown (don't ask) submitted his nice-looking screenshot, displaying the vista-Inspirate icons by saki and the gears desktop by ChristianNickel. His desktop is a KDE environment with Plastik window decorations and keramik style. You'll also notice karamba plugins like liquid weather and cynapses aero.

Scott S Short

Scott's box uses the 2.6.14-gentoo-r2 kernel with Gnome 2.12, showing off the Milk 2.0 theme. All icons originated from the Gentoo web site.

Richard Head

Richard is one of our many Gentoo users who is impressed with Gentoo's flexibility. He describes his screenshot as "pretty cool", showing mp3 player, system status information, transparent terminals and menu and a root tail of a port scan.


Updated September 7, 2007

Summary: Screenshots of Gentoo Linux in action.

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