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Gentoo手册: Gentoo手册的目的是将文档集中在一个条理分明的手册中。这份手册包含了基于网络的系统安装指南以及讲述如何使用Gentoo和Portage的章节。

Gentoo 2007.0无网络安装手册: Gentoo 2007.0无网络安装手册的目的是将文档集中在一个条理分明的手册中。它包括了2007.0发行版本的无网络安装操作指南以及讲述如何使用Gentoo和Portage的章节。

Gentoo Linux x86快速安装指南: 这篇快速安装指南以一种相对简略的方式介绍Gentoo安装过程。目的是让没有太多时间的用户完成基于stage3的安装。想遵循本指南的用户须已有安装Gentoo Linux的经验。

Gentoo Linux x86 with Software Raid and LVM2 Quick Install Guide ¹: The Quick install guide covers the Gentoo install process in a non-verbose manner. Its purpose is to allow users to perform a stage3 install with software RAID and LVM2 in no time. Users should already have prior experience with installing Gentoo Linux if they want to follow this guide.

Gentoo Linux Sparc Quick Install Reference ¹: The quick install reference covers all details of the sparc install process in a non-verbose manner. Users should already have prior experience with installing Gentoo Linux if they want to follow this guide.

A short guide to Gentoo/FreeBSD ¹: This document gives some general information on FreeBSD, as well as installation instructions for Gentoo/FreeBSD. It also includes some reference for people interested in helping out with development.


The Gentoo Linux alternative installation method HOWTO ¹: This HOWTO is meant to be a repository of alternative Gentoo installation methods, for those with special installation needs such as lack of a cdrom or a computer that can't boot cds.

Gentoo LVM2安装指南: 该指南讲述该如何在你的Gentoo系统中使用逻辑卷管理器第二版(LVM2)

Gentoo/x86 Installation Tips & Tricks ¹: The Gentoo installation allows for very flexible approaches to the various installation methods. As it is almost impossible to insert every single tip or trick in the installation instructions this document tries to deal with all submitted tips and tricks for reference purposes.

Gentoo 1.4 Upgrade Guide ¹: A method for upgrading older Gentoo installations in place to Gentoo 1.4

Gentoo Upgrading Guide ¹: This document explains how new Gentoo releases affect existing installs.

The complete Gentoo Linux 2.6 migration guide ¹: This document will aid you in the process of migrating from Linux 2.4 to Linux 2.6, devfs to udev, OSS to ALSA, and LVM to LVM2.

Gentoo Linux Genkernel Guide ¹: This guide intends to provide a reference of all the functions provided by genkernel.

Gentoo/MIPS Linux Hardware Requirements ¹: This document provides an overview of the status of various MIPS-based systems for installing Gentoo Linux. If you find errors or omissions please email the maintainer or an editor.

Gentoo Grub错误汇总: 这个错误汇总的目的在于列出人们可能会遇到的GRUB的问题和错误。所有这些解决方案是由很多Gentoo论坛中的使用者而获得的。

Gentoo Linux USB指南: 本文档辅导用户在Gentoo系统中设置USB以及一些USB设备的配置。

Gentoo Linux LiveUSB HOWTO ¹: This HOWTO explains how to create a Gentoo Linux LiveUSB or, in other words, how to emulate an x86 or AMD64 Gentoo Linux LiveCD using a USB flash drive.

¹ 未翻译的文件

更新于 2007年 10月 16日

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